Spiritual Guidance Mala

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The 'Spiritual Guidance Mala' is made from small rudraksha seeds, combined with aquamarine and kyanite gemstones and beautifully carved, 22k gold plated beads. A purple-blue tassel with gold thread is attached to the guru bead. The mala is anchored with a powerful kyanite pendant.

Number of beads: 108, hand knotted Hanging length: about 40 cm Rudraksha size: 5 mm

Rudraksha: Give the wearer peace, clarity and direction. Provide cooling to the body. Protect against negative forces and thoughts. Sacred in many cultures. Named the "tears of Shiva". The smaller rudraksha are the rarest and the most strong in energy.

Aquamarine: This stone flows as water and may help with the flow of life. Strengthens optimism and ability to express oneself positively. Helps to eliminate unnatural fears. Calming stone.

Kyanite: Increases communication and spiritual awareness. Strengthens the throat and third eye chakras. Calms anger and feelings of despair. Gives direction in spiritual matters.

Gold: Purifies and provides energy for the physical body. Helps rehabilitation of the body. Balances the heart chakra.

This unique piece of jewelry is lovingly handmade by Aum Rudraksha Designs in Bali. The products are authentic, sustainably harvested, fairly traded and ethically produced.