Bliss Mala

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The ‘Bliss Mala necklace’ is a lovable mala and made from our unique Rudraksha mala beads, combined with Lavender minerals. As accent, we use a big Rudraksha above the tassel. Corresponding with the 6th and 7th Chakra.

Hindus discovered already thousands of years ago the power of the Sacred Rudraksha beads. Rudraksha Mala beads are treated as Sacred in many cultures. Rudraksha beads offer the wearer peace, clarity, and direction, this is how they give space for positive energy and thoughts. The smaller Rudraksha beads are the rarest and most strong in energy.

Lavender Quartz

She gives the force of life.
Body, emotion and spirit connect with your Soul,
your Highest Self.
She is a spiritual guide towards World Citizenship.
Your love for the earth intensifies.