Pure Heart Mala Bracelet

Pure Heart Mala Bracelet

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The ‘Pure Heart mala bracelet’ is made of Rudraksha mala beads and Green Aventurine beads. Resonates with the 4th Chakra.

Hindus discovered already thousands of years ago the power of the Sacred Rudraksha beads. Rudraksha Mala beads are treated as Sacred in many cultures. Rudraksha beads offer the wearer peace, clarity, and direction, this is how they give space for positive energy and thoughts. The smaller Rudraksha beads are the rarest and most strong in energy.



She dreamt she was healed
Grateful for her experience
she saw her heart as if
she gazed through a soft green veil
of a swirling spring.

An abundance of ideas
optimism and enthusiasm
allowed her to laugh again.
She embraced herself
and all around her.

She awakened
It wasn’t a dream,
it was her new Self.