Yoni Egg Set

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The Yoni egg has been used for over 5000 years to help woman achieve powerful orgasms, sexual confidence, vaginal wellbeing and radiant vitality. Helping women just like you step into their beautiful sensuality and empowered sexuality.


Yoni Eggs also help with:

  • Increasing perception of your yoni, control over the vaginal muscles
  • Awakening your creative energy, passion and libido
  • Becoming A LOT more orgasmic
  • Gaining control of the perineum and all groups of pelvic floor muscles
  • Giving a lot of pleasure to your man and helping him with ejaculation control
  • Harmonizing your emotions and healing your relationship to intimacy and sexuality
  • Reducing PMS, menstrual cramps, breast discomfort
  • Reducing menopausal symptoms, by increasing vaginal lubrication and balancing estrogen levels
  • Overcoming traumatic experiences of sexual abuse

Included in this set is:

Yoni Egg

Unwaxed Dental Floss (we find this the best thing to use to pull it in and out, although after a few times many women prefer not using it.)

Rose quartz crystal

small silk bag

instructions on how to use and care for your yoni egg.

Getting Started

As a rule of thumb: start slow.

Be mindful of the body’s needs – keep the egg in for as long as you are comfortable, but not longer than an hour in the beginning. As you advance you can leave it in for up to 3 hours. Some women experience cramping in the lower belly or ovaries.  If this happens – gently remove the egg and observe what is happening to your energy. Some emotions might be stirred up – observe and journal them if you choose.

String the egg

If you egg is drilled it gives you an option to string it. For that you only need an unflavoured and unwaxed dental floss. Make sure to use a new one every time you use the egg. You don’t have to string it, but if you have concerns like: “what if my egg will get lost somewhere in the depth of my vagina” – the string is a perfect solution. Promise you won’t lose it, the cervix (the neck of the uterus) is way too tight to let anything enter it. Another reason to string the egg is that there are some cool advanced practices you can do with it, such as attaching weight to the string and doing some yoni weight lifting.

Insert the egg

Lay down on your back and place egg on the lower belly – it’s a nice way to introduce your egg to the body and it will also make the egg warm. Take this time to great deeply all the way down to your yoni, feeling into any tense areas in your body, softening them with your breath.

One you feel that you are ready to insert the egg, place it with the larger end next to the entrance of your vagina and start moving the egg in slow circles, slowing letting the egg go inside. You might want to use some lube here. Always insert the egg by placing the larger end of it inside the inner labia.

Some other great things you can do with your yoni egg:

  1. Sleep with it– simply insert it before going to bed, and try to remember your dreams in the morning 
  2. Walk, talk, work, cook or whatever with it.Just remember to give your egg a friendly hug from time to time.
  3. Practice yoga or meditation with it. Your egg will make a fantastic compliment to a yoga or meditation practice. From time to time squeezing your egg, but even when you don’t you might observe interesting results.
  4. Bellydance with it. You will love it!
  5. Hoolahoop with it. This works really well too, give it a go.

Caring for a Yoni Egg

A Yoni Egg is a sacred item, it should be wrapped in silk placed on an altar or any other special place when not in use. After use simply rinse it with water, make sure to clean the drilled hole then wrap it in a soft cloth.

Before the first use or from time to time when you feel like your egg needs a deeper cleanse boil purified water, then place the egg in the medium hot water for about 10 minutes. Don’t forget to cool down boiling water a little otherwise egg can burst. You can add a drop of tea tree or lavender oil. You don’t need to clean like this the egg after every use. It’s not a good idea to boil you egg as the stone might lose some of its properties.

From time to time just look and feel into your egg. You might feel that from time to time your egg needs some energetic uplifting. Then you can give it a sea salt bath, for example. Another great thing to do is leave the egg under the full Moon or full Sun to give it a boost of Solar or Lunar energy.

Meaning of stones:

Note:  Let your yoni choose the right stone, she knows best….   then look for the meaning, or when in doubt…


Black Obsidian:
Intuition, PMS, Will Power, Inner Truth, Expel Fear, Brings Harmony

Perfect balance: Embracing the Yang power of the volcano, but originating from the Yin power of the center of the Earth. 45x33mm


Rose Quartz:
Beauty, Clarity, Vitality, Calming, Romance, Devotion, Compassion, Self – Love, Deep Healing, Peacefulness, Emotional Balance, Unconditional Love, Gentle Trauma Relief, Spiritual Enlightenment. 45x33mm or 47x34mm


A power and healing stone. It enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. It channels universal energy. Because it directs and amplifies energy, it is extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection. 45x33mm


Healer, Emotional Balance, Luck, Prosperity and Friendship. Jade is a powerful emotional balancer, nurturing and bringing peace and purity into your life, removing negative thoughts and energy. It radiates the divine, promoting unconditional love, serenity, courage and wisdom.  45x33mm or 47x34mm

 Red Jasper:

Nurturing, Energy, Strength, Spiritual Grounding.  Red Jasper carries a strong spiritual grounding vibration. It creates a strong connection to the earth and this is very helpful for emotional equilibrium and spiritual grounding. Enhances compassion. 45x33mm or 47x34mm.

It is advised not to use the egg if:

You are menstruating                                                                 

You are pregnant or trying

You have an IUD (intra-uterine device)                                 

You have a moderate or severe vaginal prolapse

Your Vulva, vagina or bladder is inflamed or infected     

You have had pelvic surgery in the last three months